Embarrassing detection made by Google Chrome

19 Aug

We all feel good about Google Chrome, but increasingly often this browser begins to disappoint users.

It seems that the new method to ruin the image of a company is to scare users by making them believe that the programs they download from that company are infected.

In fact this technique is illegal and has a name: unfair practice.

I for one, I highly doubt that people from Google chrome team descend so low to something like this. If it is not an unfair practice then what remains to be said ?!

Well, taking into account my latest observations I have concluded that it is the incompetence of the Google chrome in distinguishing between malware and antivirus software.

An example of which I was very unsettled, was that of a new antivirus software made by a small AV company.

Below are some screenshots wich speak for themselves:


When a user sees such a message, does not bother to even wonder if google chrome is wrong or not.

I think that the makers of Google chrome browser should carefully check the filters that are responsible for these false messages. So far I have seen a huge amount of false messages from Google chrome that manage to scare users, which can lead to huge losses for some companies.

The latest ridiculous security message of Google chrome was related to one of the Adobe updates, many of you probably already know.

But what a user must do if he sees such a message (and knows that the program comes from a trusted source like above) ?! Well, you can download it as shown below:


The real danger is that Google chrome will lose credibility for such mistakes and users will download any program, regardless of these messages.